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Trademark registration that works to protects your business reputation and goodwill around the world. With the trademark; one can easily make his or her business familiar to the target market. Trademark can be representing as graphic, text, words or combination of these elements. It can be use over the letter pad of the company, banners of services and products, marketing pamphlets, visiting cards and many more. All these worthy materials and the exact use of trademark would bring the business on the mark efficiently. Well, during the process of trademark registration there is one of the fields where you need to specify about the trademark classes like the category of products and services in respect of which the proposed trademark is being used.

Trademark Classes of Goods and Services

If we concern varied goods and services there are total of 45 classes out of which 34 classes are for products and 11 are stated for services category. The main aim of classification of trademark goods and services is to prepare a complete hierarchy which trademark is being used under which category. While following this strategy; it will be easy for the govern bodies to handle the trademark classes list at domestic and international level.

Trademark Classes List of Goods and Services:

Class 1: is for Chemicals, Resins, and Plastics.)
Class 2: is for Varnishes, Paints, and Anti-corrosion substances
Class 3: is for Cosmetics, Hair Oils and Lotions, and Cleaning Preparations
Class 4: is for Greases, Lubricants, and Fuels
Class 5: is for Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Sanitary Preparations
Class 6: is for Goods of Metals and Alloys, Ironmongery and Hardware Products
Class 7: is for Equipments and Machineries
Class 8: is for Hand-operated Devices and Tools
Class 9: is for Scientific, Electrical, and Technological Apparatus
Class 10: is for Medical and Surgical Instruments and Apparatus
Class 11: is for Heating, Cooling, Drying, and Refrigerating Apparatus
Class 12: is for Land, Air, and Water Vehicles
Class 13: is for Explosives and Firearms
Class 14: is for Precious Metals and Stones, and Jewelry Items
Class 15: is for Diverse Musical Instruments
Class 16: is for Paper Goods, Stationery Products, and Printed Materials
Class 17: is for Rubber and Plastic Goods and Products
Class 18: is for Products made of Hides and Leathers
Class 19: is for Various Non-Metallic Building Materials) 
Class 20: is for Furniture, and other precious household Articles
Class 21: is for Kitchen Utensils, Household Appliances and Glass products
Class 22: is for Ropes and Cordage, Fibers, and Stuffing materials
Class 23: is for Threads and Yarns for uses in textiles
Class 24: is for Textiles and Fabrics
Class 25: is for Apparels and Clothing
Class 26: is for Fringes and Fancy Goods and Products
Class 27: is for Floor Coverings and Wall Hangings
Class 28: is for Toys, Sporting, and Sports Goods
Class 29: is for Meats and Processed Food Items
Class 30: is for Auxiliary Food and Beverage Items
Class 31: is for Agricultural and Horticultural Products
Class 32: is for Beers, Light Beverages, and Fruit Juices
Class 33: is for Wines and Spirits

Class 34: is for Tobacco Products and Smokers’ Articles


Class 35: is for Advertising and Business Services
Class 36: is for Insurance and Financial Services
Class 37: is for Building, Construction and Repair Services
Class 38: is for Telecommunication Services
Class 39: is for Transportation and Storage Services
Class 40: is for Treatment of Materials Services
Class 41: is for Education and Entertainment Services
Class 42: is for Computer, Scientific and Legal Services
Class 43: is for Hotels and Restaurants Services
Class 44: is for Medical, Beauty, and Agricultural Services
Class 45: is for Personal and Social Services Services

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